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Future Testimonials



"As a high powered executive in the entertainment industry, I make decisions that impact the lives of millions. As a lawyer, it's sometimes hard for artists to take my comments seriously. Then "I" invented Dick to Dick and I'm finally getting the respect my title deserves."

                                                    -High Powered Entertainment Executive




"I intentionally tried to bankrupt my corporation in order to get paid out of my recently signed five year contract. Those last weeks could have been really awkward but then "I" invented Dick to Dick and no longer needed to fear for my life."


                                                    -Newly Appointed Officer and Board member of a Company




"Don't be fooled by other Dick to Dick sites. There's only one that sells respect."


                                                    -Owner, President, Chairman and Cheif Officer


*Actual testimony may not be factual. Dick to Dick may be a registered trademark of trademark of Dick to Dick LLC. "I invented Dick to Dick" is the property of Dick to Dick LLC. Any statement stating that you invented Dick to Dick without the expressed written consent or the implied oral consent  of Dick to Dick LLC is strictly prohibited.

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