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Breaking News: Ante-Down Sells Out to IinventedDtoD!

I Iinvented Dick to Dick is pleased to announce the signing of the ultimate underground artist, "Ante-Down"! Sure to be a celebrity favorite, Ante-Down is so original he created a word to describe himself: Performartester- Part performer, part street artist, part protester. Ante-Down is quickly growing to be all the rage with 12-30 year old males. A natural addict, he wants nothing more than to stick it to "the man" by ruining family branded gaming parks. "If he's there, he's drunk, and if he loses, everyone wins" - Undisclosed Celebrity


Breaking News: Street Artist GRap80/90 on Board!

It is with great pleasure IinventedDtoD announces the recent signing of street artist GRap80/90. Famous for her D-Boy-M (Dropping Bombs on Your Moms) sticker seen throughout the streets of L.A. GRap80/90 takes lyrics from early 90's Gangster Rap and exposes their literal meaning with just a splash of political angst. Kids love it! She is currently in the process of revolutionizing the greeting card industry with Holiday favorites: "Strawberry has a gift for you," and a Veteran's Day classic "I gotta letter from the Government ..."  I Invented Dick to Dick is pleased to announce that she will be putting together a limited edition D-Boy-M print for the first 10,000,000 Licensees.  


Why we're different:

Imagine if you could replace all your employees with illegals and nobody cared? At Dick to Dick we are reinventing the way Executives earn respect.


It's so easy, a subordinate could do it, but only those with $25,000 can take the credit. This is what seperates you from them. Buy Dick to Dick rights yourself or use company money to expense it, either way you will be riding the hottest, most exclusive executive movement to ever hit the boardroom.


The best part is that you don't have to do anything! Once your employees hear that you invented Dick to Dick, they will see you through new hopeful eyes and offer up the respect your title deserves.

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