...and now you can too!



Our Corporation went all the way to China and spent millions to understand the mind and needs of the American worker. We asked ourselves two questions: What do American subordinates respect? and, How do they show respect? Through thousands of hours of analysis of special workplace video footage featuring subordinates discussing an internet sport replay clip, the Chinese were able to identify the two most powerful symbols in American culture today and combine them. Though unintelligible in Catonese, the exciting, literal American translation was "Number One liked American Dick."

MultiColoredFoamFingers[1] facebook-like-buton[1] combo


#1 American Sports Team



"Like" Thumb


#1 Liked Dick


It was at that moment we realized we were onto something. Who do American subordinates respect? Americans! And how do Americans show respect? A "high five", a "fist bump", and in high powered business, it's a handshake. What if you were the inventor of the "fist bump" or the "high five?" That would bring you instant respect with the subordinates! Unfortunately you can't be the inventor of these older, more dated gestures - but you can invent Dick to Dick! And what's more powerful then one Dick doing business? Two Dicks.