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The Executive


CEO Accomplishments

   Like some American executives, Drew Dogan III, was born into his high powered position. A drug problem, poor grades and a few minor felonies did not stop his legacy from getting him into a top notch prep school, followed by his father's Alma Mater (which happened to be the #1 University in America at the time.) In the last five years he has increased his net worth by over $50 million through contract payouts, stock gains and tax breaks/shelters.

   Drew Dogan initally turned down various offers to start Dick to Dick LLC but it was during this last bankruptcy that he noticed increasingly insolent attitudes from his subordinates. There seemed to be some sort of resistance to his lucrative choice to intentionally bankrupt the company to get the payout from his guaranteed five million dollar contract. A genius business move for him but with dire consequences for his subordinates.  Soon, at a bank sponsored Executive retreat, he realized that he was not the only Executive having respect issues with subordinates. So during that final month he hired consultants to study his subordinates.  Who were they? What did they like? And most importantly, How, and what did they respect?  Although, he was forced out by the Board before obtaining his report, he managed to capture a video segment from the file containing two subordinates discussing an internet sports clip. Serendiptious inspiration!

   He took his idea to China and employed the best minds money could buy to come up with a way for high powered executives to get respect of the American worker without having to earn it. The invention was Dick to Dick. The next handshake for the American workplace- and you invented it.      



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Why Dick to Dick?

Sure you could work hard day in day out, like most Americans and try and earn respect by making educated decisions that benefit all the stakeholders, but why?


Let's face it, you do a job to get  a pay check, and why make a million dollars a year when you can make $20 million in one year by bankrupting your company?


That's where Dick to Dick comes in. Those last few months can get awfully awkward and even scary, but Dick to Dick gives you instant respect. You will no longer be known as the guy who lost their pensions, but the guy (or girl) who invented Dick to Dick.